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Why is Vehicle Door Protection so Important ?

Car door dings and dents are on the rise as more manufactures omit vehicle door protectors from their vehicles. Without vehicle door protection a carís door is easily dented and scratched when bumped by another car door. Donít let car door dings and dents ruin the look of your vehicle. Vehicle door protection is available at reasonable cost to protect your car doors. We tested several vehicle door protection products and concluded that the DoorShox vehicle door guard is a premium vehicle door protector that can reduce car door dings and dents. DoorShox features a unique flexible foam body structure thatís designed to fit your car doors like a glove. In addition, the magnet surfaces are covered with a ribbed silicone like material that provided a soft and anti-slip surface that can easily be washed and wiped clean. Other vehicle door guards were equally effective, but some of these products had fabric magnet covers that got soaked, collected dirt and were difficult to clean. Get the best vehicle door protection at BumperPad.com

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