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Rear Bumper Protection

Who Needs Rear Bumper Protection

Rear bumper protection has become a common accessory on City streets. Why? Because drivers realize that without car bumper protection their car bumpers are getting damaged every time they park on the streets. If you part on the street and are tired of scratched up bumpers you may want to consider rear bumper protection.

Rear Bumper Protection Has Become a Popular Accessory For Car Enthusiasts

Rear bumper protection was not a big issue when car bumpers were made from steel. Times have changed and so have car bumpers. Today’s cars have plastic bumpers that are color coordinated with the rest of the car. While these car bumpers look stylish, they are easily scratched and damaged during parallel parking. To protect their car bumpers many car enthusiasts have gone so far as to hang carpets, floor mats and towels over their car bumpers. This is not necessary today since there are several rear bumper protection choices.

Rear Bumper Protection Choices

Today rear bumper protection accessories can be found in most retail stores and car washes. With so many rear bumper protection products to choose from, finding the perfect bumper protector for your needs is important. When selecting rear bumper protection ask yourself (a) why you need rear bumper protection (b) Whether you regularly park on the street or an indoor parking garage and (c) What’s your budget. If you can answer these three questions you can pick the best rear bumper protection for your needs and lifestyle.

Rear Bumper Protection Can Be Divided Into 3 Categories

Rear bumper protection can be divided into three distinct categories (1) Removable rear bumper protection (2) Permanent rear bumper protection and (3) Clear film rear bumper protection. While all these rear bumper protectors offer some degree of rear bumper protection, some are better then others.

Permanent Rear Bumper Protection

The most widely used rear bumper protection are permanent car bumper protectors or the stick-on variety. These rear bumper protectors are perfect for parking outdoors or indoors and require little or no maintenance. The next most popular rear bumper protection is removable rear bumper protection. These bumper protectors are perfect for indoor or outdoor parking and can be removed when not in use, so it will not alter the vehicles appearance. The down side of temporary rear bumper protection is that they need to be deployed from the trunk after parking and must be returned to the trunk before operating a vehicle or driving. This can be a bit much for some people, but for car enthusiasts this is no big deal.


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