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How Can a Rear Bumper Guard Protect Your Assets ?

If you regularly park on the street you may want to consider a rear bumper guard. A quality rear bumper guard can block minor parking impacts that could scratch and ruin your car bumper. There are many rear bumper guard to select from, so choose a rear bumper guard that's right for you.

The Workings of A Rear Bumper Guard

A rear bumper guard provides a cushioned barrier from parking bumps, a common occurrence when parallel parking. Temporary rear bumper guards are the most popular rear bumper guard for street parking. These removable rear bumper protectors are easy to use and can be removed as necessary without altering the vehicle's appearance. In addition, temporary rearbumper guards are easy to install - simply attach the heavy duty trunk straps inside the trunk and secure with Velcro to the carpeting or another surface. Deploy the rear bumper guard after you park the vehicle and drape it over the bumper for car bumper protection from minor parking bumps. Removable rear bumper protection such as the BumperBully extreme, ParkingArmor and Bumper Blocker were designed for a parked car and must be placed inside the trunk before operating a vehicle and driving.

The Best Removable Rear Bumper Guard

Looking for a rear bumper protector that will complement your vehicle. One of the best outdoor rear bumper guards we have tested includes the BumperBully Extreme and ParkingArmor, both are high quality rear bumper guards that have won top reviews from our staff and users. With so many rear bumper guards to choose from, finding a quality product can be confusing. Every product claims to be the best and the first, so how do you look past the sales fluff to find a quality rear bumper guard? Check out our website for the latest and best rear bumper guards! Our team of staffers have used and abused rear bumper guards to bring you the best rear bumper protectors on the market. We test and use each and every product we sell to determine whether it meets our criteria for quality and function. If a rear bumper guard fails to delivery, we give it the boot.

Why the BumperBully Rear Bumper Guard Wins Again !!!

Of all the rear bumper guards we tested only the BumperBully rear bumper guard was made from a rubber compound that was soft and flexible, the way a rear bumper guard should be (its made from rubber not PVC plastic). All the competing rear bumper guards we tested were made from cheap PVC plastic (not rubber), so they felt like plastic. The BumperBully rear bumper guard also featured hi-quality reflectors that did not fade or peel and a flexible stabilizer bar system kept the bumper guard planted and secure. In comparison competing rear bumper guards had reflectors that peeled right out of the box and the reflector turned pink after 30 days of outdoor use. For more information about the BumperBully rear bumper guard please see our products page.


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