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Below is the article from Eyewitness News channel 7 web site as it appeared on 2/15/04

Guarding Your Car's Bumpers From Dings

By Jeff Rossen
(New York-WABC, February 12, 2004) — Anyone who parks in New York City — in a garage or on the street — knows all too well the risks involved. Dents, dings and scratches usually end up all over your car, but especially on the bumpers.

And the cost to repair the damage can run hundreds of dollars.

But there may be a cheap solution.

Here's Jeff Rossen.

Car Owner: "Now everything's plastic, looks like ****."

Easy! It's just your car. But you know the feeling — scratches, tears and holes all over the bumper.

This wouldn't be a problem if we were living all the way in Idaho. But, come on back to reality. We live in the parallel parking center of the world.

And just that little tap ... so slow, so harmless ... will cost you hundreds, maybe even more.

It's not a safety issue, it's all about looks. The actual bumper — the device that protects you — is kind of ugly. So, you have to cover that up. Back in the day chrome or metal bumpers were the style, and that was fine — they didn't scratch as much. Some still swear buy them for that very reason.

These days, the trend is painted bumpers — nice and shiny. Hard plastic that's unforgiving. One little scratch, and you'll hear this.

Body Shop Owner: "You're talking maybe about another $2- $300 dollars."

I'm officially depressed. The price we pay to look pretty.

Looking nice doesn't look so nice any more, does it? That's when people say, "let's be practical." And they buy something like a bumper guard. And everyday, people catch on and more of them.

You can buy these rubber guards for $9.99, at places such as Pep Boys. The big ones for trucks will run you a couple hundred dollars. And another product, foam pads that we found on the Web, which you keep in your trunk and use when you park. They're about $50 apiece.

For some of us though, it's too late.

On Friday, February 13, 2004 Eyewitness News reported on devices some are buying to keep their bumpers looking like new. Here's more on these products, and where you'll find them.

The bumper guards we found were at Pep Boys, among other places, and many can be purchased at a wide range of automotive stores.

Although the customer must choose what's best for them, here are some sites online that may help you comparison shop for bumper guards:

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