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Channel 7 evening news did a broadcast about car bumper protection on Friday, February 12, 2004. Below is an excerpt from the broadcast and a link to the full article on car bumper protection.

Guarding Your Car's Bumpers From Dings
By Jeff Rossen
(New York-WABC, February 12, 2004) Anyone who parks in New York City in a garage or on the street knows all too well the risks involved. Dents, dings and scratches usually end up all over your car, but especially on the bumpers.
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Without Front and Rear Car Bumper Protection Your Bumpers Are At Risk:

Some people laugh at the idea of car bumper guards and car bumper protectors, but the reality is that front and rear bumper protectors are a must have accessory for NYC parking garages. Without front and rear bumper protection a cars bumpers are easily scratched when bumped into a wall or another car.

Rear Bumper Guards and Rear Bumper Protectors is a must have for NYC parking garages.

A survey of parking garages indicates that the number of accident related complaints are going up, with most common complaint being scratched car bumpers. One explanation for the increase is that newer plastic bumpers are to delicate and even the lightest of bumps can scratch the painted surface. Others argue that overcrowding and human error is to blame. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that without car bumper protection your vehicle is at risk every time you enter a parking garage. A survey conducted by bumperpad.com questioned parking garage customers about their parking experiences and here is what we found.

Car Bumper Protectors and Bumper Guards Can Block Minor Parking Bumps

The data showed that the most common complaint in parking garages was damage to the front and rear bumpers, especially the corners. In addition, the majority of people (85%) feared that their vehicle would be damaged in the parking garage, and more than 79% of people claim to have had their bumpers damaged in a parking garage at least once. The majority surveyed had never heard of front and rear bumper protectors for parking garages, but they all agreed that car bumper protection was necessary. Front and rear bumper guards and bumper protectors offer the best car bumper protection in parking garages.

A Front and Rear Car Bumper Protector and Bumper Guard Can Save You Money

There is no question that accidents happen when parking, usually when you least expect it. Repairing a damaged bumper can easily cost hundreds of dollars in out of pocket expense, since many insurance policies have a $500 deductible, which you have to pay. If you think the parking garage will pay for the damage, then you are dreaming. Many parking garages have minimal insurance and some second rate garages do not have adequate insurance. Why take a chance? Front and rear car bumper protectors and bumper guards are affordable and easy to use taking only seconds to attach or remove. Fold it, throw it in your trunk and it will be ready to use anytime.

Get Front and Rear Bumper Protection For Worry Free Parking

No more arguing with the parking attendant or filling out a claim report. We all know that these accidents can happen. So, why waste money on expensive repairs or drive a damaged vehicle with scratches? When you purchase our front and rear bumper protectors or bumper guards you are taking a proactive approach to protecting your investment. Save your money and the worry! Get a Front and Rear Bumper Protector today!

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