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Install ParkingArmor- Rear Bumper Protector

ParkingArmor - Rear Bumper Protector Attachment Instructions
Please Read All Instructions and Warnings Before Use

1) Clean bumper surface from dirt and debris
2) Center product on bumper
3) Position away from exhaust pipes
4) Attach velcro straps to trunk carpeting
5) Close trunk lid on straps
6) Always return product to trunk before driving

Note: DO NOT BLOCK vehicle exhaust pipes.

rear bumper guard

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ParkingArmor - The Biggest and Best Rear Bumper Protector
If you want the ultimate car bumper protection for your vehicle than the ParkingArmor is the one. The Parking Armor is a premium car bumper guard that was designed for outdoor or indoor parking. It’s one of the biggest car bumper protectors out there and is one of our favorite bumper guards. The ParkingArmor bumper protector is big at approximately 48” wide and 13” inches tall. It features a 2” hi-impact foam core that’s covered in a rubber like fabric that’s perfect for the outdoors. The ParkingArmor is a temporary car bumper guard. Use it when you need it! Easy Velcro attachment inside trunk compartment. Place back inside the trunk before operating vehicle or driving.

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