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DoorShox - Quality Car Door Guards Provide the Best Car Door Protection
Car door dings and scratches are the most common complaint amongst car owners. Put a stop to car door abuse. Introducing the new DoorShox car door guard the best car door protection against car door dings. The DoorShox car door protector attaches to the car door using its patent pending magnet technology. Most vehicle door guards cannot fit the contours of today’s cars – they are extremely stiff because they use a single magnetic strip. In contrast, the DoorShox car door protection utilizes three independent magnetic feet for maximum flexibility, stability and grip, while minimizing the contact area. This allows the DoorShox to fit a vehicle’s curves like a glove. Better fit means better car door protection. For the best anti-scratch protection magnets are covered with a silicone like pad for extra cushioning, anti-slip grip and water proof protection. DoorShox car door guard magnets easily wipe clean with a tissue or wet napkin and will not collect dirt or soak in water like fabric-covered magnets.

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