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Install Door Edge Guards - Prevent Chips and Scratches

Car Door Edge Protection - Car Door Edge Guards Protect A Car Door Edge From Chips
A car door edge is extremely susceptible to chips, scratches and dents. A chipped car door edge ruins the appearance of your car and reduces the resale value. Car door edge guards are the perfect solution for preventing vehicle door edge mishaps. Bumper Defender is the best source for quality car door edge protectors and car door guards. With over 50 colors available in car door edge protection and car door protection you will most likely find a great match. Clear door protection film is not the best option, since these films will not provide the same level of protection as vinyl car door edge protectors. Also, clear protective films are not as invisible as everyone tells you, since dirt will accumulate along the edge of the film and get caught in the adhesive (this is a major problem on light colored cars). Also, many clear protective films will turn yellow over time. Get what works…the best color matched car door edge protectors and vehicle door guards are only a click away.


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