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BumpShox – A Replacement License Plate Frame and Front Bumper Protector
Are you tried of other drivers scratching your front bumper every time you park. Do something about it! The BumpShox front car bumper guard is a replacement license plate frame that’s also a car bumper guard. Taller Suvs can easily override your car bumper resulting in front bumper scratches and abrasions. The BumpShox is no different than most license plate frames (it will not block the numbers or the tags), except that it’s wider, taller and thicker. It’s comprised of a quality flexible foam rubber that will absorb minor parking bumps, providing more protection than standard license plate frames. In addition, BumpShox provides rear bumper protection for other vehicles. There are no protruding metal parts that can damage another vehicle – all mounting bolts are recessed. With 1-2 minutes installation time…this is the easiest car bumper protection on the planet.


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