"It is almost inevitable that a vehicle will be damaged in a parking garage because of the limited space, overcrowding, and poor lighting conditions."
"Yes, the BumperPad will definitely reduce or eliminate entirely damage to the front and rear bumper. The parking attendants here are very receptive to the idea and do not mind attaching it for customers"
  Auto: Maserati Coupe with removable bumper protectors shown. Our patent pending design allows you to adjust the bumperpad to acheive a best fit. The bumperpad has been tested in parking garages and has received much praise for helping to reduce damage claims.
  Auto: Maserati Coupe with front bumper protection attached. Helps prevent paint damage to your automobiles bumpers when parking. Removable design means you do not change your vehicles appearance. .
  Auto: Maserati Coupe Combiocorsa Edition, displayed with removable rear bumper protection. Our bumper protection product is one of the cheapest investments you can make to keep your bumpers looking great.

Auto: Maserati Spyder, shown with rear bumper protection. Our bumper protection devices and bumper guards help protect your vehicles bumpers against dents and scratches during parking manuevers. Our bumper protectors are designed specially for indoor parking garages, valet parking and auto transport.

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