auto bumper protection

"The BumperPad has paid for itself - saved my bumper from damage on many occasions, Good luck guys!!!"
Jean H., Boston

"The BumperPad is a blessing. Iím very happy with my purchase. Will recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you..."
Jerry B., Chicago

Auto: 2003 Jagular S-type with rear BumperPad. Our patent pending removable bumper protectors and bumper guards, will help keep your Jaguar's bumpers looking new. The bumper protection device works by absorbing and dispersing some of the energy from parking impacts.

  Auto: 2002 Audi A6, shown with a rear bumper protector attached. Our bumper protection products and bumper guards take seconds to attach and remove. Unlike bumper guards that permanently attach using adhesive, our product is removable. Use it when you enter a parking garage and remove it prior to leaving.
Auto: 2002 Audi A6 with front bumper protection shown. The BumperPad protects your vehicles bumper all the way around, including the corners. Our removable bumper protectors and bumper guards were designed with parking garages in mind.


Auto: 2004 Mercedes E class with removable bumper protectors attached. Our unique bumper protectors and bumper guards are easy to attach and remove, which means you do not modify the appearance of your vehicle.

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