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Car Door Edge Guards

Why Car Door Edge Guards ?

Car door edge guards are one of the most popular car accessories for new vehicles because the car door edge is extremely susceptible to chips and scratches. Why? As parking is getting tighter and cars are getting wider its almost impossible to open your door without bumping the door edge into another vehicle. It does not take much to damage a car door edge, a light tap and bump is all thatís needed to chip the paint. Car door edge guards and trim are the easiest and most cost effective way to protect your vehicle door edge, while enhancing the look of your car. In the old days chrome metal vehicle door edge protectors were the only option and complimented the chrome bumpers nicely. Todayís cars are usually color coordinated, so color coordinated car door edge protectors will look best.

Car Door Edge Guard Options

There are various styles and colors of car door edge to choose from. To understand the various car door edge guard available, we will categorize car door edge protection into two categories (1) J-shaped stick on car door edge guards and (2) slide-on car door protectors.

J-Shaped Car Door Edge Guards Are Better

After testing and installing various car door edge guards we have concluded that the stick-on car door edge guards are superior. We found that stick-on car door edge guards are more stable and will not slide off the door edge. Also, stick-on car door edge guards are wider and offer better car door edge protection. BumperDefender vehicle door edge guards are the best quality car door edge protectors using 3M adhesive. Donít settle for cheap imitation car door edge guards that will fall off after a few months. With over 50 car door edge colors to choose from you will surely find a great match.

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