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BumpTek - Advanced Rear Bumper Protection Without Gimmicks!!!

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BumpTek rear bumper protector offers the best value for your money. BumpTek’s ergonomic design has many of the same features found on more expensive car bumper protectors. No Gimmicks...only quality car bumper protection..
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Who Needs Rear Bumper Protection?
Park on the street and you will soon discover that car bumper scratches is a common experience. A painted car bumper is easily scratched when another vehicle bumps it during parallel parking. Rear car bumper protectors can provide superior car bumper protection against parking bumps and bruises.

How Does Rear Car Bumper Protection Work? Most rear car bumper protectors are made from rubber like materials or energy absorbing foam for maximum car bumper protection. A quality rear car bumper guard acts as a barrier by preventing direct bumper-to-bumper contact. Without a rear bumper guard a car bumper is easily scratched when another car bumps it during parking maneuvers. Left unsupervised your car is a sitting target for bad drivers on the city streets.

Quality Rear Bumper Protection: The BumpTek Advantage Without Gimmicks
There are many rear bumper protectors that are good, but only the BumpTek rear bumper protector offers the best value for your money. BumpTek’s ergonomic design has many of the same features found on more expensive car bumper protectors. So, don’t pay too much for car bumper protection. BumpTek rear bumper guards are the most affordable car bumper protector with value added features such as horizontal impact ribs, integrated stabilizer bar and extra wide protection area. BumpTek will not try to sell you on gimmicks like reflectors that will turn pink and peel over time. Get the #1 rated rear bumper protector that a New York favorite.

Outdoor Rear Car Bumper Protectors For Maximum Car Bumper Protection On City Streets
If you park on city street you should consider a rear bumper protector for your vehicle. Painted plastic bumpers are useless when it comes to bumper protection, since a cars bumper is easily scratched, even by the slightest parking bump. The cause are steel license plate frames and protruding bolts can tear the paint off your rear bumper. Most people do not have fancy cameras and parking sensor to guide them when parking, so your car bumpers are used instead. Without rear car bumper protection your car bumper will be abused every time you park on the street. Since a parked car is rarely ever supervised the bumper vigilante will drive away, and you will be burdened with the responsibility to fix the damaged bumper at lease end or before trade-in. If bumper scratches has you worried consider this…the majority of people who use car bumper guards are very happy with the bumper guard they select. There are many car bumper guard options, so it’s up to you to find the car bumper guard that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

With So Many Car Bumper Guards To Choose From…Which One Is Best ?
With so many rear bumper protector choices, selecting the best bumper protector can be confusing. Before buying car bumper protection you need to evaluate all your options and decide which bumper guard is best for your situation. Some factors to consider are where you park and how often you move your car. This is important since some bumper guards are designed for the outdoors and some are not. Another consideration is whether you have enough trunk space for a bumper guard. Car bumper protection can be broken down into three main categories (a) Temporary Rear Bumper Protectors (b) Clear Film Bumper Guards and (c) Stick-on Car Bumper Protectors.

Stick-on Car Bumper Guards Are The Most Popular Bumper Protectors
Corner bumper guards are everywhere - on taxi cabs, delivery trucks and even luxury cars. A major selling point for these bumper guards is convenience and affordability. You peel and stick the bumper guards at the desired location and they are maintenance free. While stick-on car bumper guards may seem like the ultimate car bumper protection many car owners consider them an eye sore. Corner car bumper protectors are bulky and are usually available in only 3 colors. Another problem is that corner car bumper protectors are designed for the bumper corners. As such, they do not protect the rear of the bumper, the area most susceptible to car bumper damage when parallel parking.

Protective Clear Film Car Bumper Protectors
Clear protective film may seem like the ultimate car bumper protection. I assure you that this is not the case since clear protective car films were not designed for rear bumper protection. Regardless of whether the clear film is 8mil or 15mil the abuse of parallel parking will make swiss cheese out the clear protective film. In addition clear protective film is not really invisible, the film will be scuffed and scratched and become clouded with a tint of yellow over time. Also, dirt will quickly collect around the film edges as a dark line. This dirt line gets worse with time and its impossible to clean since the dirt is trapped in the adhesive. This is a major problem on light colored vehicles. Another problem with using protective film on a cars rear bumper is that the film is not so easy to remove like everyone says. Even if you were able to remove the scratched protecive film you will see indentations in the paint where the bumper was impacted, not a pretty sight.

Temporary Rear Bumper Protectors Are Perfect For Street Parking
Tired of other cars scratching your car parked car? If you have some trunk space to spare the flip in/out car bumper protectors are a great choice. Temporary car bumper protectors are just as described, you use them when you need them and store them inside the car’s trunk. Temporary rear bumper protectors are perfect for the car enthusiast who wants great protection, but does not want bumper guards glued to their car. BumpTek’s new rear bumper guard promises no gimmicks, offering customers a quality car bumper protector that’s affordable. The BumpTek advantage is you will not pay extra for bumper guard gimmicks like reflectors that will fade and peel. BumpTek rear bumper protectors have many of the features found on more expensive car bumper guards (1) integrated stabilizer bars that keep the bumper guard flat on the bumper (2) Horizontal impact ribs for greater car bumper protection and (3) An extra wide protection surface. Don’t be fooled by other bumper guards that claim to be the best – but skimp on quality.

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