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Why Rear Bumper Protection?
Almost all of today’s automobiles have painted plastic bumpers that are easily damaged during parking maneuvers.Without the proper rear bumper protection a car bumper is easily scratched and scraped when parked on the street.A quality rear bumper protector can block minor parking bumps and save your car bumper. Don't settle for a cheap quaity car bumper protector... select the best front and rear bumper protectors for your needs. BumperPad is the one stop shop for car bumper protection accessories. We have a full line of quality car bumper guards, rear bumper protectors, car door edge guards and car door guards for Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Cadillac, Volvo, Ferrari, Mazda, Toyota, Mini, Volkswagon, Honda etc.

Park Safe: Car Bumper Guards, Car Door Edge Guards and Car Door Guards
Most car scratches, dents, dings and chips occur while your car is parked on the street or in a parking garage. Unfortunately, it's not cheap to repaint and repair a damaged car bumper, car door or car door edge. Save your money and the worry! Front and rear car bumper protectors, bumper guards, car door edge guards and car door guards are designed to help protect your parked car. Find the best quality car bumper protection, car door edge guards and vehicle door protection at BumperPad.com. Our staff of car enthusiasts test all the products, so rest assured you are buying the best.

Temporary Car Bumper Guards Provide Flexible Car Bumper Protection

One of the most popular rear bumper protection accessories are temporary rear bumper protectors. While some people may scoff at the idea of hanging anything from their bumper, the benefits of car bumper guards clearly outweighs any negatives. Temporary car bumper protectors are easy to remove and attach, you use it when you need it. There are several rear bumper protectors in the market, but the highest rated rear bumper guard is the BumperBully Extreme rear bumper protection. We put several competng bumper guards to the test to see which product offered the best value and performance. BumperPad staffers reviewed 5 rear bumper guards and concluded that " the BumperBully Extreme is the best quality car bumper protector out there. The BumperBully was the only rear bumper protector that's made from a soft rubber material, not PVC plastic like all the other products tested."

Bumper Blocker Front and Rear Bumper Guard FACTS
If you park in a NYC parking garage car bumper protection is a must have. How many times have you picked up your car from the parking garage only to discover a screw mark or scratches on your front or rear car bumper. The problem is that parking garages are not liable for minor scratches to plastic bumpers - its not uncommon to see parking garage signs that read “we are not responsible for damage to plastic bumpers.” Without car bumper guards your vehicle is susceptible to parking bumps and scratches every time you park. Why not prevent car bumper damage before it happens with front and rear bumper protectors. The BumperBlocker bumper protectors were designed for a parking garage environment where obstacles such as walls, cement columns and other vehicles make parking risky. For maximum car bumper protection, BumperBlocker car bumper guards are designed to wrap around the complete bumper, providing 360 degree car bumper protection. BumperBlocker car bumper guards are the #1 car bumper protectors for NYC parking garages. No other front and rear car bumper protectors, car bumper guards or car bumper protection devices can compare.
Door Shox Car Door Protection Stops Door Dings
You park your car at the supermarket and come out only to find a shopping cart butting up against the driver’s door. You look closer and see a big dent and scratches at the impact point. If only this vehicle had car door guards the damage may have been prevented. Car door protection is a must have when parking at the shopping mall, parking garage or any parking situation. The reality is that car door dings, dents and scratches happen all the time and usually when you least expect it. Without car door protection to cushion impacts, a car door is easily dented when an adjacent car door edge makes contact. Whether the car door ding was intentional or not you are ultimately responsible at lease end. Why not prevent door dings before they happen – get a DoorShox car door protector for the best car door protection.

BumperBully Extreme Provides The Ultimate Rear Bumper Protection For Street Parking !
Stop being bullied every time you park on the street! Get the #1 rated rear car bumper protector that’s making street parking safer. When it comes to rear car bumper protectors the new BumperBully is tops, proving once again that superior materials, better design and added value are paramount to success. The BumperBully rear bumper guard is the best quality car bumper protector in the market place. Competing rear bumper guards are made from a cheap PVC plastic and feel like plastic. The Bumper Bully rear bumper protector is comprised of a high quality rubber material that’s more impact absorbing, durable, easier to clean and will not crack like PVC plastic products. Feel the difference... the BumperBully is elastic and rubbery, just what a quality car bumper protector should be. So, when it comes time to buy a rear bumper guard don't settle for any inferior car bumper protector. The BumperBully Extreme proves that it's not cool to be square! That’s why the new BumperBully car bumper protector is ergonomically designed for greater bumper coverage and superior fit.

Parking Armor Rear Bumper Guards Are Rated #1 !
ParkingArmor was designed to shield a car bumper from parking abuse. Bigger is better when it comes to rear bumper protection, so the Parking Armor was designed wider and thicker than other rear car bumper protectors. At 48” inches wide x 12” inches tall the Parking Armor bumper guard offers the ultimate car bumper protector. For maximum car bumper protection the Parking Armor is comprised of a hi-density foam core to absorb parking impacts and a waterproof outer fabric for durability. The patent pending flex structure allows the bumper guard to fold around the bumper for maximum car bumper protection.

BumpShox - The Best Front Car Bumper Protector Will Not Rust Like Metal Bumper Guards
With an increasing number of SUVs on the roadways its not surprising that more people are concerned front bumper protection. A tall SUV bumper can easily over run a car bumper with its bumper or hitch mount. The new BumpShox car bumper protector is replacement license plate frame and car bumper guard. For maximum car bumper protection the BumpShox front bumper protector is 2.25” inches thick, 14” inches wide and 10” tall (includes Flex Fin Extender), which is bigger than any standard license plate frame. A durable and flexible v-tech foam is perfect for absorbing parking bumps that would normally bend and crack metal or plastic frames. The BumpShox car bumper guard is the ultimate front car bumper protector for you luxury or sports car.

BumpTek Rear Bumper Protectors: Affordable Car Bumper Protection For All
Before you go out and cover your rear bumper with a towel take a minute to read this. The BumpTek rear bumper guard is the most affordable rear bumper protector out there. BumpTek will not try to sell you gimmicks such as reflectors that will fade and peel. It will save you the trouble of making your own car bumper guard and will keep your parked car safe. Save money and time…get a BumpTek car bumper guard !

Importance of Car Bumper Protection is Clear
There is a direct correlation between street parking and car bumper scrapes and scratches. Parking on the street almost guarantees a car bumper covered in scratches, screw marks and abrasions. Don’t be bullied by other drivers every time you park. A Rear car bumper protector such as the BumperBully car bumper protector can stop others from bullying your bumper. When properly attached the BumperBully bumper guard acts like a barrier to cushion parking related bumps, so that your car bumper is safe. Get a quality rear bumper guard and start parking with confidence.

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